Exhibitors tend to have a lot riding on their trade show presence. They tend to represent a company and often have several goals that they hope to accomplish during the duration of the trade show. These goals are typically to sell a product or service, create awareness for their brand and generate interest in their brand, to name a few. Since many companies aren’t able to send representatives to every industry relevant trade show, they often have to pick and choose which trade shows to work. This means that exhibitors don’t get much in the way of a “do-over” and have to make sure that they are successful at each show they work. This can be a tall order considering the amount of tasks that they’ll be juggling in both the preparation and execution of the show. Fortunately, our services at Jacoby Expo can go a long way in relieving some of the pressure and allowing exhibitors to focus on accomplishing their main goals. The following are a few ways in which are services can assist exhibitors:

  • Booth Set Up – We can help provide exhibitors with different options regarding their booth design. We provide custom booth designs depending on the needs of the exhibitors. We can also help to design banners, signage and other graphic design elements that will help exhibitors to draw attendants to their booths. We’ll even determine what kind of flooring or carpeting will work best for each booth. Additionally, we will install the booth before the show begins and break it down after it ends, allowing exhibitors to focus their attention on more important matters.
  • Installation Help – If exhibitors need any signs or banners hung from above or if they need special light fixtures installed above their booths – such as spotlights – our general service contracts can assist with these task in a safe and secure manner.
  • Material handling and logistics – We can take care of all of the exhibitor logistics. This means that we will coordinate the shipping and storage of the exhibitor’s products and display materials to ensure that they are delivered to their booths on time and in good condition. We will store the empty containers away from the booth during the show, then return them  in order to pack up the remaining materials once the show is over. We will also make sure the materials are taken care of and shipped out properly once the show has ended.
  • Floor management – We can provide floor managers during the show to help make sure that everything goes as smoothly and according to plan as possible. For example, we will ensure that all of the rules and regulations of the trade show are being followed. We will assist the exhibitors with additional customer service and we will help exhibitors solve any disputes that occur between them and other exhibitors or attendants. We will also make sure the floor is safe and secure by making sure that all security protocols are being followed. We will also act as liaison between the exhibitors and the trade show management so that everybody remains on the same page both before, during and after the trade show.
  • Post show information – We can provide detailed equipment reports, exhibitor order reports and management invoices once the trade show has ended, allowing exhibitors to easily access information that can help them determine the effectiveness of their booth.

The plate of an exhibitor can fill up quite quickly before and during a trade show. Jacoby Expo can help lighten the load, allowing exhibitors to focus on what’s important – their company’s trade show goals.