As a non-profit association, there’s a good chance that your board members wear a number of different hats, including acting as your trade show event staff. Not only do they set up the rules and regulations for any given trade show, but you may even use association members as your exhibitors. If this is the case for your association, you may want to consider outsourcing some of many tasks that it takes to set up and run a successful trade show. Here at Jacoby Expo, we can provide a number of valuable professional services that will help ensure that your trade show ends up being as effective as it can be while running as smoothly as possible.

  • Preparing the trade show floor – A lot of work is required to prepare the space for the trade show. We can help determine the most effective way for setting up exhibitor booths in a way that not only draws the attention of attendants but will also keep foot traffic flowing from one booth to another without any safety issues. Additionally, we can also help choose the appropriate flooring and carpeting for each trade show exhibitor, hang up banners and signs overhead, install special overhead lighting fixtures and even install and break down exhibitor booths.
  • Logistics – Logistics can be a nightmare, which is why it’s a good idea to have a professional take care of it. We will take care of all exhibitor logistics, which includes coordinating the shipping and handling of exhibitor products and displays, making sure that they are delivered directly to the booth and that they are shipped out properly following the end of the show.
  • Budget – Trying to keep track of your budget when there are so many variables involving a trade show can be tricky. We will sit down with your association to discuss the budget and determine how that budget can be best put to use. We will then make sure that the costs of the trade show remain at or below your established budget. There are numerous ways in which we do this, from negotiating the contracts of general service contractors to looking for the most competitive prices when it comes to shipping and storage solutions.
  • Floor management – Since many associations use their board members and association members to act as event staff and exhibitors, you may find yourself spread a little thin depending on the size of the trade show. At Jacoby Expo, we can provide your event with experienced show floor managers. The impact that a good floor show manager can have on ensuring that your trade show runs as smoothly as possible cannot be overstated. The following are just a few of the tasks that our show floor managers will handle:
    • Keeping your specific production schedule in mind, our show floor managers will monitor the progress of your exhibitors and make sure that there are no deviations to your plan.
    • Our floor managers will help your exhibitors provide additional customer service support to the show’s attendants.
    • Our floor managers will be on the lookout for any conflicts, which we will resolve in a diplomatic manner.
    • Our floor managers will monitor the security of the show, ensuring that all security protocols are being properly followed.
    • Our floor managers will act as liaison between the association and the labor, show management and exhibitors.
    • Our floor managers will be in constant communication with the trade show management to keep them up-to-date.

Associations should strongly consider using our professional services at Jacoby Expo to make sure that their trade show runs smoothly and successfully.