It takes a lot of planning and coordination in order to ensure that a trade show or convention will be as successful as possible; in fact, you’re going to want someone on the floor during the trade show as well in order to deal with any problems that might arise and to keep everything going as smoothly as possible. Considering the many exhibitors not to mention the hundreds of attendants that will be present, things can get pretty chaotic and out of control without proper floor management.

Here at Jacoby Expo, we will not only help plan out every detail regarding your trade show, we will also provide experienced floor managers that understand what can and cannot be done regarding any kind of situation that might come up, whether it’s dealing with a disorderly attendant or having to keep the peace between arguing exhibitors and attendants. You can’t just assign anybody to do floor management. Many people don’t know what to do in events like those just mentioned and could end up exacerbating an already touchy situation. But experienced floor managers are also needed for all of the little things. You’d be surprised at how tricky a simple task like adding chairs to an area in the event site can be for someone that doesn’t know what they are doing, much less to make the event wheelchair accessible. Tasks like these can quickly overwhelm someone that isn’t properly trained or doesn’t have the necessary experience. While they may be able to handle some of these tasks one at a time, few can juggle a number of different problems without losing control over what’s going on.

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to assume that anybody can manage a trade show floor. There are a lot of freelance managers that can be hired for the job, but the last thing you want is to hire a freelance manager that ends up doing a poor job running the floor. This can really reduce the effectiveness of the trade show – even if no big problems arise. A good floor manager can truly be the difference between a smooth and successful trade show and complete pandemonium. The following are a few of the floor management tasks that our floor managers will be able to handle during your trade show:

  • We will go through and check all of the floor marks to make sure that they accurately follow your trade show plans.
  • We will monitor the progress of the exhibitors on the show floor and make sure that everyone is adhering to the production schedule. We will look for deviations in the plan or schedule and act accordingly in order to correct them.
  • We will help to enforce the rules and regulations of the trade show in a respectful and courteous way.
  • We will help exhibitors with providing customer service to the attendants.
  • We will act as the liaison between all of the exhibitors, labor and show management, contractors and facilities.
  • We will monitor the security of the trade show and make sure that all security protocols are being followed.
  • We will help to resolve any conflicts or disputes that might arise in a diplomatic fashion.
  • Not only will we provide floor management, we will also act as representative of the trade show management.
  • We will check in with show management on a regular basis to keep them in the loop.

As you can see, floor management is not something that should be taken lightly. Here at Jacoby Expo, we can provide your trade show with well-trained and experienced floor managers.