One of the big advantages of working with us at Jacoby Expo is that clients can take advantage of our full-fledged event management services in order to prepare for their trade shows or expos. The following are just some of the event management services that we provide:

Event Site Selection

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the site for a trade show or expo. For example, how many exhibitors plan on setting up for the show? The last thing you want to do is select a site that isn’t big enough since this will not only create problems with providing enough space for exhibitors to set up but also with providing safe and easy access for visitors. Other factors that need to be considered include ease of parking for show attendants as well as proximity to hotels for out-of-town visitors.

General Service Contractor Contract Negotiations

Most show managers simply don’t have the time to negotiate with every general service contractor working for them. Not only will we find the right general service contractors, we’ll make sure to negotiate the contracts so that it’s clear what their jobs are in relation to the trade show and to make sure that you get what you are paying for.

Strategic Consultation for Exhibitions and Trade Shows

We will help you create a strategy for your exhibitions or trade shows by helping you establish measurable goals and objectives beforehand and helping to plan and set up your exhibition or trade show in a way that will make it as effective as possible in meeting those goals and objectives; for example, we can help do this via target customer analysis, event audience analysis, integrated marketing, show promotion and more.

General Service Contractor Budget Development and Cost Control

event-management2It can be pretty easy to lose track of what your budget is, leading to a trade show that ends up being much more costly than you expected. We will help you establish a budget for your general service contractor work. We will then ensure that you remain at or under your budget when hiring general service contractors on your behalf.

Pre-Show Planning

There are a ton of tasks that need to be accomplished before the trade show is held in order to make sure that exhibitors have a successful show. The following are a few pre-show planning tasks that we can help with:

  • Floor Design Plan – Figuring out where to place booths throughout the event site is essential to getting exhibitors the most amount of exposure possible while also making it safe and easy for attendants to walk from booth to booth. We will begin by creating an initial floor plan that can be used to help sell booth spaces to exhibitors and will continually update and consolidate spaces as booths are sold.
  • Exhibitor Service Kits – We will put together exhibitor service kits, which are packets of information that you can send out to your exhibitors once they have registered for the trade show or expo.
  • Structure and Graphic Design – Structure and graphic design elements are vital in drawing attendants to exhibitor booths as well as for establishing brand identities and creating brand awareness. We will help design banners and signage to be put up around the event site as well as help set up entrance units, publication bins, registration counters and more.

There’s a lot to be done when it comes to setting up a trade show or expo. Our Jacoby Expo event management services can hep make sure that the trade show or expo ends up running as smoothly as possible.