The Current Model is Broken

Trade Show managers hire a general service contractor to oversee their show. These firms are bloated with employees, continually feature the same displays, work in a few specific areas, and as a result your event feels stale.

Boring trade show displays

Your Bottom Line

While a general service contractor with many resources might be attractive, it also inflates your bottom line. Costs associated with supporting these resources and overhead that you may or may not be using, eventually impact the profitability of your event.

You need a partner who understands your vision and has strategic relationships with various specialists across the county. This allows Jacoby Expo to form a team aligned with your needs and budget.

Partnering with Jacoby Expo is the key to your event success.

Jacoby Expo has connections all over the globe

Your Vision

At Jacoby Expo, we are concerned with more than just producing your event. We become obsessed with everything about your show. From the intricacies of your industry to the ins and outs of the city where your event is located, we want to know it all.

Jacoby Expo thinks about the BIG picture of your event

It’s All About Relationships

At the core of our business is relationships. We leverage these relationships to find the best possible team for your event. We have an extensive network that opens a host of opportunities for your event.

We also specifically target the materials and concepts you are looking for, saving you money and an inflated budget.

We don’t use just one contractor or vendor. We use our network to assemble the best team from various industries to make your event as successful as it can be.

Jacoby Expo forms close relationships to bring you the best options for your event


Jacoby Expo acts as a liaison between trade show managers and our vendors and contractors. This helps insulate the client by protecting their timelines and budget.


Unlike traditional model, Jacob’s expos services are paid by the general services contractor. Make no mistake, we work for our clients, our trade show managers and make sure your event runs smoothly.

We are different and that’s GREAT news for you.

Jacoby Expo has you covered.