Be Exclusive and Offer VIP Experiences

I’ve never met anyone whose main goal in life was to live the blandest existence possible.

It’s because deep down we know we were created to be intentional and that’s how most of us approach living – by squeezing out every last drop of what life has to offer and soaking it up before it dries out.

It’s the reason why exclusive VIP experiences are in high demand.

Event attendees crave personalization; they don’t want to be just another number.

They want to live in the now and belong to something bigger, even if it’s only for a day.

And that’s part of our job, to create extraordinary experiences for our attendees.

Since you’re one of my Very Important Readers, I’ve posted some ideas below to get your creative juices flowing …

Building Small Communities

When you sell VIP experiences to attendees, essentially what you are doing is creating a small community of people that are there to share the same exclusive adventure.

In order to make something feel exclusive, you need to create a sense of belonging.

You can achieve that feeling by cutting out the everyday distractions with these winning suggestions…

  • Create areas that feel secluded like creating a roped off area that only VIP’s have access to.
  • Host your event at a luxury resort where everyone present is an attendee.
  • Charter a yacht or a cruise ship (because why not?).

The point is to create a memorable and buzzworthy experience by going above and beyond expectations.

Side note: The perks of exclusive VIP experiences are amazing but just as incredible and unexpected are the bonds that are forged with other people during these events – it can’t be manufactured, making it all the more valuable.

Building Out of Thin Air

I love to host events that inspire others to get in touch with their creative side.

When you create a venue from scratch, attendees don’t really know what they are in for because it’s new and unique.

It doesn’t get more fun than that.

Building something like a pop-up trade show or restaurant is a bold move that allows you to construct something completely synchronized to your brand.

Pop-up events are temporary – lasting from a few hours to a few days – and have the power to impress due to the element of surprise and uniqueness.

Selling tickets beforehand is a must and adds to the exclusive nature of pop-up events.

Good to know: Pop-up events take lots of coordination because you’re essentially creating an entire venue seemingly out of thin air. They also require lots of word-of-mouth marketing.

Building for the Long Term

When I think of what my goals are for building lasting relationships with my attendees I always want to approach it with balance.

I am conscious to reward my frequent flyers but not at the sacrifice of everyone else.

You can create VIP programs, perks, and incentives while making all of your guests feel special.

This isn’t about alienating anyone, it’s about creating opportunity.

Here are some ways to offer personalized experiences for new and loyal attendees..

  • Personalize your messages to vendors, attendees, and sponsors by utilizing drip marketing, a communication strategy that sends or “drips” many relevant emails to individuals over the course of pre-set dates and times.
  • Keep track of your frequent flyers and reward them by sending them personalized discounts and exclusive sneak-peaks of new products and events coming up.
  • Recognize loyal past attendees by offering them exclusive VIP experiences and offer those that haven’t committed to VIP status a chance to join with a drip campaign aimed at getting them to engage.

Building Bigger

Selling the VIP experience is about building something bigger than what is captured in those few moments.

It’s about building a community and a reputation that will carry on long after the lights are dimmed.

By providing people with VIP options, you are offering them the chance to squeeze more out of living, and in return, you gain a grateful following.