The Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Floor Manager for Your Trade Show

Hiring an experienced floor manager for you next trade show is the best way to ensure that the expo runs smoothly and is well coordinated. Trade show floor managers are a valuable resource and asset that will make your vendors and exhibitors more successful overall which will draw bigger and bigger crowds over time.

KIEV, UKRAINE - FEB 9: International exhibition of perfumery and cosmetics "InterCHARM-Ukraine 2011". Interior of large hall of exhibition KIEV EXPO PLAZA, 9 Feb 2011 in Kiev. Ukraine.


The floor manager is responsible for coordinating the setup and breakdown of the exhibits for your show. They should be in contact with your vendors and exhibitors and give them a schedule that will allow them sufficient time to get into the building and have their booths set up before the show opens to the public. In addition, any stages or presentation areas will also need to be coordinated in a way that allow ample change over time from one presentation to the next, and so that visitors will be able to see a variety of products and services throughout their stay.


In addition to setting up a schedule for exhibitors, your floor manager will also help to design a layout for your space that will allow for the best possible flow of traffic through your show. They should be taking into consideration all aspects of the floor space, and assigning booths to vendors and exhibitors according to sections or type of product. They will also need to arrange presentation areas so that they are not competing with one another to be heard, and so that visitors to your show are able to easily access all parts of the show.


Problem Solving

As with any large scale events, many exhibitors may have questions about where they need to go or who they can talk to if they have any concerns. Your floor manager should be an active part of your leadership, giving all parties a single person to report to for answers and conflict resolution. Having a single authoritative figure on the floor will make sure that everyone is on the same page and knows what to expect.


Auxiliary Services

Beyond the scope of managing the exhibitors and vendors, the floor manager is also faced with the task of ensuring that there is proper maintenance and security on site throughout your show. They will be there to keep trash cans emptied, food areas and restrooms cleaned, and to keep in contact with security personnel at all times. While cleaning and security are typically provided by a third party, it is the floor manager’s job to communicate with them when they are needed.


The use of a floor manager at your trade show or expo is an investment in having a high quality experience for all of your vendors and customers. They will work from the very beginning planning stages all the way to the last day of the event to keep things organized and flowing without issues. They are a helpful tool that exhibitors and vendors can rely on to have their problems solved so that everyone involved benefits from the show.