The Importance of a Professional Image

Do you remember your first important job interview?

You know the one that was going to be a stepping stone to all your career hopes and dreams?

Chances are it was a mix of sweaty palms, freshly laundered threads, and a sense of hope.

You were determined to present the best of you.

After all, it’s a dress for success world we live in.

Sending a Message

Now that you’re on the path to success, it’s time to get comfortable.

If only it were that easy, right?

It’s a competitive world and we should never stop striving to put our best foot forward even after landing that coveted position.

Not every interaction will feel as weighty as an important interview but in the midst of all your hustle, it’s important that you never grow too comfortable.

We are all under more scrutiny than we may realize.

Be Intentional

Opportunities often come when we least expect them to. And when we are the least prepared.

As a Show Manager, I want you to be ready for every opportunity that comes your way and I want you to be able to approach it with confidence.

I always recommend staying as up-to-date as you can with your resume and not procrastinating when it comes to getting a professional headshot done.

A friend of mine who works in the HR industry told me about a local chapter event where they offered professional headshots at a discount.

It’s a reminder to always keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to put yourself out there, after all, this is your business, not just a hobby.

I know that can come across as harsh, but I know that you have worked too hard not to be taken seriously and I am rooting for your success!


Job loss. If we haven’t experienced it ourselves, we know someone who has and it can feel devastating.

It’s not something that we want to dwell on, but it is something to be cognizant of.

That’s why I always remind clients to have their professional house in order in case the worst happens. That way it’s easier to bounce back and grow stronger than before.

Job loss can be an opportunity for growth.

So can moving on or moving to shake things up.

Be on the lookout for growth opportunities within your organization. They might not always be obvious or advertised, but seeking out the potential for movement is always a good strategy.

Don’t be afraid to approach your employer and see what opportunities are available and demonstrate the value that would be had if you were to go for that new certification.

And don’t close the door on taking things in a different direction.

Competitors like to keep an eye on their competition. Not on just the show itself, but on the people responsible for running it.

If you’re a rockstar Show Manager, don’t be surprised if they come knocking at your door.

They could make you a better offer or, if you play your cards right, you could use it as leverage to make a better deal.

The Secret Ingredient

Sometimes you need to be your biggest fan.

I don’t mean the puffed up, self-serving type, but rather the type of fan that doesn’t give up and is a constant cheerleader.

Confidence is priceless in our industry and a little bit of moxie can help you stay positive, be prepared and know when to speak up.

Own the best of you because that will always be the best image you project.

Now flash that smile and go get ‘em!