Insights From The Experts: Deanna Davis

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Name: DeAnna Davis

Title: Advertising and Sponsorship Freelance Contractor

I began in the trade show industry, as an account manager, with show acquisition for providing advertising, marketing, and sponsorship opportunities and sales. I transitioned into the show management side for the last 7 years as the advertising and sponsorship sales manager for All Baby & Child. For the last 2 years, I have been a freelance contractor providing advertising and sponsorship sales.

What is the one thing you make sure to do at every show?

I try to visit each of the exhibitors I work with to make sure they have seen the advertising and sponsorship opportunities they have participated in, through me, and that they are happy. The services I provide are designed to enhance the success of their show and my goal is to make sure they are excited.

How do you define or track the success of your show?

I base my success on the success of the exhibitors I work with. If they are happy and I have provided them with the tools they needed to have a great show then I have done my job.

How do you continually improve your show year after year?

I try to reach new exhibitors, who need to promote themselves more than anyone, as well as develop the relationships I have already created and provide them with new ways to promote their visibility and branding which drives traffic to their booth. If the exhibitors I work with have a successful show then they will come back the following year and will recommend others to attend which will improve the show as a whole.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned?

I have learned that relationships with your exhibitors are key. It’s not just about selling something it is about providing people with the best-matched opportunities to help them meet their goals. You must learn about your exhibitor’s goals before you can meet their needs.

What does the future of trade shows look like to you?

Through my years in the industry, I have learned that nothing can take the place of performing business with face to face interaction. Trade shows should continue to flourish because successful businesses are based on creating and developing relationships with customers and these interactions happen at trade shows. Trade Shows, in my opinion, are the gateway to developing clientele and a providing a personal touch with emphasizing the need for the product your business provides.