How To Forecast Trends For Your Show

How To Forecast Trends For Your Show Jacoby Expo

Most of us recognize the importance of staying on top of things in the business world, even amidst the daily grind.

From bills to managing clients, we strive to take care of these things because they deserve our focus.

These things, if not given our attention, can be our undoing.

Yet, when it comes to staying on top of changing industry trends, there is often a disconnect.

There is this tendency to stay with a familiar formula that feels safe.  Anything out of our purview seems foreign and perhaps uncomfortable.

Maybe you don’t trust your intuition when it comes to forecasting the next big thing.

But all of that is about to change because you are a force to be reckoned with.

Also, it’s not as tricky as you might think.

Move Aside Kardashians, You’ve Got This

Not everyone would describe themselves as being trendy or fashionable in every industry.  I don’t understand all the upcoming breakthroughs in healthcare.

And that’s OK!

You don’t have to be a fashion guru to run a successful shoe show, or a technology maven to be in charge of an epic electronics show.

You just need reliable resources that you can glean from.

No journalistic qualifications necessary.

Your Business + Trendy = Longevity

I’ll leave the drama for the E! Channel, and just get to the point.  If you want the success of your shows to remain successful, you have to be willing to evolve with current industry expectations.

If you don’t, you can kiss the longevity of your shows goodbye.


Because if you don’t evolve, your competitors will.

I know that sounds harsh, but that’s just the reality of business.

Let’s use a shoe event as an example of what can happen if you stay with the status quo.  If your current exhibitors have a tired array of wedge sneakers and gladiator sandals, you run the risk of your audience finding the show boring and, therefore, won’t be compelled to make any purchases.

Meanwhile, if your competitor is filling their show floor with exhibitors that have a selection of the newest shoe offerings, like the coveted naked sandals and v-neck shoes, your show of extinct styles will be crowned the loser.


Be In-The-Know Without Quitting Your Day Job

You don’t need to study trends 24/7 to be able to guide your clients.  You can help them stay on top of changing technology and trends pertinent to their industry by immersing yourself in the following:

  1. Read Industry Publication, such as VentureBeat and Wired for the latest scoop on tech,  and Boss Magazine for Healthcare trends.
  2. Follow Industry Influencers on LinkedIn and other social media sites.
  3. Partner with someone familiar with the Industry you are researching who knows which trends and technology are more than just a short term fad.
  4. Use an SEO (search engine optimization) tool, like MOZ or SpyFu to research keywords that can point to emerging trends.
  5. Monitor your competitors closely.  Are they adopting any new technology or trends that you haven’t?


Everyone is running some kind of race; the key is to run it well.  When it comes to running a successful business, regardless of industry, you must be proactive.

Don’t allow your mode of operation to be reactionary in nature.

Be the one who is paving the way for your clients.  In a world where brick and mortar stores are declining and online businesses are increasing, it’s crucial that you are aware of the changing needs and desires of your customers and clients.

Expectations are evolving.  Don’t get left behind.