A Letter from the Owner

In a world in which technology is king, there will always be the invaluable necessity of face to face communication. The organic relationships these interactions create are something our computers, cell phones and tablets can never replace. It’s like buying a perfume online without ever smelling it. Or purchasing a car online without ever driving it. But what makes technology a leader in sales trends? Convenience.  So in knowing how important face to face interaction is in developing trusted, long term relationships, what could be a better way to increase sales and grow your client base than attending a trade show? Your industry/product/service all in one spot, for the same common goal – to make deals. These events have the capacity to not only build your business, but to build our economy.

After coming upon this realization, I started to ask myself ‘how can I help this industry sustain?’ Trade shows run like a well oiled machine these days, so rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, I wanted to refine it. Coming from a general service contractor and operational background, I knew the heavy costs and hours of planning associated with these services for a show manager. Through experience, I met many GSC’s who were a smaller outfit but provided the same (or better) equipment and services as the big guys. And being a smaller company, they gave 100% focus and attention to each of their clients. To them, it was personal and each event was just as important as their last.

This business model stuck with me. No show manager wants to feel like a number but not all show managers have the knowledge or time to make sure they are provided with the quality of service they deserve. When I came to that realization, Jacoby Expo was born. Since then, we have partnered with several general service contractors nationwide who we believe share those same core values. Each of our clients are treated with first-class service from start to finish, and that’s how we intend to keep going.

So, in short, we love trade shows, period. Let’s take yours and divide and conquer, together.

Betsy Jacoby-Greenleaf headshot