Insights From The Experts: Rachel Wimberly

At Jacoby Expo, we value the insight that leading experts in our industry have to offer. That’s why we are excited to announce a feature on our blog we are calling, Insight From The Experts.

Our guests will be sharing their tips and secrets to success in the trade show world with you!

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Name: Rachel Wimberly

Title: President, Tarsus Media

Company: Trade Show News Network ( and

Rachel Wimberly is president of Tarsus Media, a division of U.K.-based Tarsus Group, which has 160 trade shows worldwide. As head of Tarsus Media, Rachel oversees Trade Show News Network ( and

What are three things you wish show managers knew?

Don’t be afraid to task risks and innovate. It’s better to possibly fail then be left completely behind. Remember that at the end of the day everybody wants a fun, memorable experience – try to create those at your event. Take the time to mentor others and share your knowledge. Our industry needs t continually reach out into the community!

What advertising and/or publishing opportunities are show managers not taking advantage of / How can show managers create the most exposure?

A lot of shows still don’t use social media effectively. They might use it to promote their show, but not to truly engage with their followers and create a community. Shows that have strong social media programs and truly work to authentically engage with people end up creating loyal fans for their events. Have loyal event fans is the best advertising and promotion ever!

What’s the most common misconception about your services?

Since I run a publishing division for the events and trade show industry, most people don’t realize that we also have an event (TSNN Awards – that honors the 50 fastest-growing trade shows in the US every year. There’s no pressure at all putting on an event for a bunch of show managers! (ha!)