How Innovative Perspective Can Drastically Alter an Established Industry

History is replete with many examples of innovative, far-sighted thinkers who have come up with an idea that revolutionized or completely altered established industries. By analyzing highlights of these companies you can identify the trends and similarities of their success.


Varna Bulgaria - May 26 2015: Uber app startup page and Uber search cars map on the angled front view white and black Apple iPhones 5s. Isolated on white background.

Looking at a more recent example, the novel ridesharing service Uber has upended the taxi industry.  The taxi industry experienced annual growth of 3.2% from 2009 to 2014.  By having everything quickly arranged by your smartphone, Uber allowed you to:

  • Establish a pick-up location.
  • Select a driver and track their position.
  • Obtain a ride and reach your destination.
  • Not have to pay a tip.

Uber is now valued at $68 billion, more than General Motors, Ford, and Honda.  50,000 new drivers enter their company every month.  They now operate in 300 cities in 60 countries and are likely to attain over $10 billion in revenue this year.


bigstock--130373528Ten years ago, Blockbuster, valued at $8 billion in 2005, ruled the roost in the movie rental industry. However Reed Hastings, founder of Netflix, recognized that a new technology was altering movie rental delivery.  Hasting and Netflix:

  • Used a virtual organization, expedient customer service, and Internet streaming to deliver movies at low cost.
  • Circumvented the encumbrance of retail outlets by working online, saving countless dollars.
  • Offered a monthly subscription with unlimited rentals and no late fees.

Blockbuster has declared bankruptcy while Netflix is now worth $32.9 billion!

Jacoby Expo

Another company who demonstrates its own innovative approach to customer service in the area of event management is Jacoby Expo.  Jacoby Expo realizes that two key components in ensuring success for the exhibitors, show managers, and associations, are both to establish trust, but also to provide one-stop shopping for their clients.  With this approach, Jacoby Expo saves the client the trouble and expense of having to go to many different firms to handle the multi-responsibilities involved in having successful trade shows.  Take a look at the breadth of what Jacoby Expo delivers.

Show Managers

For show managers, Jacoby Expo:

  1. Custom Booth Design: Installs, customizes, and breaks down the booth at the end of the show.
  2. Storage and Logistics:  Coordinates the shipping of materials and sets them up in the client’s booth.  Removes empty containers, repacks materials and ships them out.
  3. Floor Managers:  If needed, provides additional floor managers who can serve as liaisons between your show managers and the exhibitors.
  4. Post-Show Information: Produces exhibitor order, equipment, and management invoice reports.


For associations, Jacoby Expo:

  1. Preparing the Trade Show Floor:  Arranges the trade show by selecting suitable flooring and carpeting, positioning signs and banners, and mounting overhead light fixtures.
  2. Logistics:  Handles exhibitor logistics including the shipping of products.
  3. Budget:  Monitors your budget and reduces costs by negotiating general service contracts and choosing economical prices for storage and shipping.
  4. Floor Management:  Offers the service of floor managers who: a) keep track of the progress of your exhibitors, b) make available added customer service support for the trade show’s attendants, c) resolve any conflicts tactfully, d) make sure security procedures are being adhered to, e) serve as liaisons between the association and the exhibitors, show management, and labor, and,  f) communicate regularly with trade show management to keep them updated on the show’s progress. 

For more details of all that Jacoby Expo offers, refer to these links: 1) Trade Shows  2) Event Management  3) Floor Management  and 4) Exhibit Booth Management.   By demonstrating a hands-on approach in meeting each of the client’s needs in all aspects of running an effective show, Jacoby Expo creates long-term positive relationships and future business with its clients.