Exhibitions Means Business Meeting with Washington DC Politicians

Exhibitions Means Business LogoMany view exhibitions and tradeshows as little more than industry meeting grounds; places to share ideas, purchase products and network with others in your field. While these preconceived notions are accurate to a point they dramatically underestimate the potential impact of tradeshows and expos. The truth is that events such as these have a massive impact upon the US economy, adding more than 71 billion dollars to the US GDP every year. The simple truth is that the value of tradeshows is severely under-recognized. These events are a fantastic resource for the US economy as a whole, as well as the local economies of the cities and towns in which they are held.

Exhibitions Means Business Overview

The Exhibitions Means Business movement seeks to educate the public on the real impact of expos and tradeshows. A more informed public outlook allows the industry to grow, in turn allowing it to benefit the economy more effectively. As such, we all have something to gain from considering the message of Exhibitions Means Business.

Founded in 2011 by noted industry leaders, Exhibitions Means Business works to display the potential impact of tradeshows to clear up any public misconceptions about the events. The easiest way to do this is to offer examples of the kinds of direct interactions made possible by the platform, the kind that drive innovation and foster sales and the movement is doing exactly that through their Get Involved initiative, a page on their site which encourages readers to share their success stories from various trade shows they’ve attended. However, it’s also helpful to think of tradeshows in more general terms like how they improve local economies. Tradeshows provide local businesses with an opportunity to meet and potentially collaborate with others in their field. It allows them to meet new customers, make new connections, learn about their industry so that they can improve the way they do business and foster their reputation in a room full of interested onlookers. The potential impact of this is massive for local businesses of any size, and when local businesses make strides the local economy they are a part of does so as well. This is just one example of the positive impact of tradeshows.

The original Exhibitions Day was held in 2014 in Washington DC and was attended by more than 100 members of the industry. Now in its third year, Exhibitions Mean Business will return to Capitol Hill this June 7th and 8th to meet with political leaders, including members of congress, and speak to them about issues that might potentially impact the expo and tradeshow industry. Last year issues like the JOLT Act, the Open Skies Agreements and the Trade Promotion Authority were discussed at great length, and their year these and other similar discussions will be no less essential. If our lawmakers do not understand the impact of tradeshows and just how much good they can do for the US economy they may not afford issues related to them the time and attention they deserve. This year, for the first time, Exhibitions Day is going global, focusing on how tradeshows not only improve local economies and the US economy as a whole but also international economies as well by creating opportunities for trade and fostering an atmosphere of unity. If you would like to take part in Exhibitions Day or you’d like to learn more about the Exhibitions Mean Business movement be sure to visit their website today.