When it Makes Sense to Outsource vs. Keeping the Work In-House

makes sense to outsource vs keeping work in house staff jacoby expo

Outsourcing is a time-tested business strategy that has been implemented by businesses large and small since it’s conception in 1989. It’s the practice of having certain tasks performed by an off-site company to handle particular business functions instead of having staff manage them in-house.

As a Show Manager, outsourcing work can be advantageous for your business. It gives you the opportunity to grow your company at your convenience and schedule without the risk of investment. If growth isn’t your primary concern, outsourcing can handle many of the logistical concerns that bog down your time and staff. In order to gain the greatest potential from outsourcing, it’s important to know when it’s beneficial and when it doesn’t make sense.

Strategic Partnerships

It’s essential that you understand your goals and objectives before initiating a partnership with a vendor. Outsourcing can be a cost-effective and strategic way for your company to increase efficiency, but only when it makes sense to do so. Each project should be weighed independently according to its own merit. Below are some guidelines to help you determine when it would be beneficial to outsource.

For small businesses with minimal staff, it makes sense to outsource.

Trade show success is based on the ability to have enough staffers to fully execute your vision and all the tasks required to accomplish it. If you don’t have enough employees to work at the trade show and manage the workload back at the office, the best solution is to hire temporary workers to fill in the gaps. Allow your staff to do what they do best. Make sure to hire a professional who thrives in that environment. When you or your staff are unable to manage the day-to-day and adequately staff your exhibit, then outsourcing is your answer.

When part-time or temporary help is all you need.

In the trade show business, some tasks fluctuate depending on the schedule of upcoming shows and some are continuous. For tasks that occur only a few months out of the year, such as registration, hiring temporary help will accelerate the existing work that needs to be accomplished because attention didn’t have to be diverted.

When you can benefit from other vendors who have the expertise and buying power that you need.

Outsourcing to a specialized vendor can be a tremendous asset to your business. It gives you the ability to gain access to outside expertise and, in some cases, buying power. An aspect of trade show management is making sure that staff and clients have a place to stay while attending a trade show. Outsourcing to a housing service provider can provide the buying power you need to acquire convenient and affordable hotel accommodations. Their close relationships with hotel properties and the steady clientele they offer allow them to negotiate for lower rates. Partnering with a housing specialist for trade shows makes sense and provides a targeted solution.

When a vendor or partner’s proximity to the event’s location has unique advantages.

Every city has certain unique characteristics that separate its market apart from every other location. Outsourcing certain tasks to a local company come with advantages since they understand the local culture and what works and what does not work in that particular market. A local PR company can offer you insight and contacts within the city that you otherwise wouldn’t gain. With events occurring in multiple venues across multiple cities, it’s impossible for a Trade Show Manager to be available locally before every show, so outsourcing work to a marketing agency makes sense and can offer unrivaled advantages.

A Proven Strategy

Outsourcing allows you to diversify and add valuable skills to your team without the added cost of hiring additional full-time employees. It’s changing your mindset from feeling like you need to manage every detail to focusing on your overall goals and expanding your business. The benefits of outsourcing are numerous and are worth being explored.