Returning to Your Roots

As a young twenty something year old who up and left home to take a job she knew nothing about in a city she’d never been to, the concept of returning to my roots has never been lost on me.  But the reality of it hit me hard as I returned to my home state of Ohio after an 8 year hiatus that included living in both Atlanta, Georgia and New Jersey. It wasn’t until I was physically back home that I realized I had returned to my roots long ago. Here’s what I learned…

Some Business Practices Are Inherent

shutterstock_233719963Yes, my manager, coworkers, even my 1 million page (**exaggeration) book of SOP’s has taught me more about  business practices and even business ethics than I could have learned in a classroom, but who I was and where I came from was always steadfast in my client relationships and business decisions.  The Midwesterner inside of me wants to make a deal on a napkin and seal it with a handshake, possibly over a cigar and scotch on the rocks. A no pressure, laid back style of sales and relationships that gets to the root of what is most important to a potential client and strategically finding ways to deliver that.

Integrating Your Roots with Business

The challenge in it all was figuring out how to integrate my native Ohio, Midwestern approach with the business relationships I made while living in the Southeastern and Northeastern parts of the country. The harder I tried to adopt their native sales styles, the more uncomfortable and foreign it all felt. In time, I learned that the lines between our approaches were more blurred, than they were hard walls. At the end of the day, I found that returning to your roots in both business tactics and relationships will always ensure the most comfortable, honest way of doing business and forging true client partnerships, no matter what city, state or country you are in.

When All Else Fails – Go Home!

shutterstock_151193231Okay, so this is a bit tongue and cheek, but the point rings true. Whether that means taking step back and evaluating your business self with your true self and seeing if how well they match or physically moving to your home state, even home town, and doing business with more like-minded people, the option is there, the door is always open. You can always return to your roots.



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