Jacoby Expo New Office in Downtown Toledo


There is an alluring sense of nostalgia associated with the places we were raised in; the reminiscing of a community that helped shape our worldview. Beyond nostalgia, there is a great calling for business owners to be rooted in an active effort to create a vibrant heterogeneous community while breaking off from the imposing sterile environments of yesteryear.

While what could be described at a trend, it goes deeper by transforming the tangible essence of what hard work can accomplish. Urban areas are being given a second chance, a rebirth of the ingenuity and energy that had been forgotten.

Downtown Toledo is no longer an exception when it comes to rejuvenation, with new businesses looking to invest in the revitalization of a beloved city. When Betsy Greenleaf of Jacoby Expo, an event management and consulting firm, wanted to invest in a new office space, downtown Toledo seemed like the natural choice. Conveniently located within walking distance to the Seagate Centre and the Huntington Center, the new space is a sagacious calculation of the intertwining relationships of the local event industry.

With an eclectic mix of the young and aged, the urban environment is becoming a haven of the type of visionary approach to business that embodies the philosophy at Jacoby Expo. It was a business opportunity not to be missed.

Greenleaf hails forward-minded solutions that are making other consulting providers in the industry obsolescent. Her fresh approach to business translates beyond the marketplace by embracing a similar design strategy. The loft-style store front with its chic modern vibe has a customer focused configuration that is all at once welcoming and assuring.

The entrance is beautifully appointed with plush wingback chairs surrounding a black iron frame coffee table decorated with a fragrant organic floral centerpiece. It’s a warm, inviting space to enjoy a casual conversation with a warm or cold beverage from the coffee bar while sitting under a draping chandelier that is a sophisticated juxtaposition to the aged industrial brick wall that spans the length of the office.

It’s a modest space that strays far from the traditional vanilla office environment. It’s eye-catching in the purest sense without the frivolity of aimless decor. The design is uncomplicated in its purpose to provide top-notch service in a focused and relaxed atmosphere. With a designated space for formal meetings, it doesn’t lack in the essentials, giving customers the dedication they need. Attention to staff was not overlooked with a separate space at the back of the facility to accommodate for privacy and behind-the-scenes creativity.

The new downtown office of Jacoby Expo is a welcome addition that will contribute to the identity of an expanding community that is brimming with life. Its mission is sure to resonate with the local trade show industry and abroad. The efforts of Betsy Greenleaf and other local entrepreneurs are adding to the flourishing relevance of downtown Toledo. Urban revitalization and growth is happening across the country and it’s an endeavor that’s full of heart and business acumen. And Jacoby Expo has that in abundance.