What Key Players Are Important in Executing a Seamless Event?

Executing a seamless event, like a tradeshow or expo, can leave your audience inspired, excited and ready to return the following year. Whatever the event revolves around, ensuring it runs effectively from beginning to end is nearly impossible if you do not employ handful of key players. As long as you maintain proper communication and rehearse the event, these key players can help see you through to the end, ensuring your event not only goes off without a hitch but leaves all of your guests satisfied.

Key players for planning tradeshow or expo

The Key Players

Meeting and Exhibition Staff

When working a tradeshow or convention you cannot simply arrive at your reserved space and start setting up. You need to know the ins and outs of the building and what to expect, including smaller details like where power, internet, microphone and other connections are. You will also probably have a host of questions about your venue. The meeting and exhibition staff is there to assist you with all of this. They will also be there on the day of the event to help you ensure that it runs smoothly, allowing you to use your space to its fullest potential.

Official Service Contractor’s Account Manager

The account manager will point you in the direction of any third party service providers you may need for your event. Whether you need a company to provide you with materials, one to move your exhibitor’s wares or one to help you prepare your space for the rigors of your event, the account manager can help. Finding the right account manager, one with excellent connections in the industry, is important for your current show but also for the future when you are attempting to schedule further events. As such, building a relationship with a manager you trust is crucial.

Event Service Manager/Coordinator

This is the individual who keeps the show moving. They will aid you in creating the blueprint of the event, helping you to work out the smaller details as well as the overall schedule, and then make sure it is followed as closely as possible. They will also coordinate between you and the facility’s staff, making sure that communication is maintained. In this way they can help you gather necessary equipment, update the space’s configuration to meet your needs and ensure that your space is ideal for your purposes.


Security can help you stick to your schedule, making sure the entering and exiting of visitors is facilitated. They can also help you remove distracting elements during the show that might hamper the enjoyment of your other guests. When planning any major event it is important to be prepared for any eventuality. Hopefully you will not require the presence of a security team during the course of your event. However, having one standing by is essential to guaranteeing the safety and enjoyment of your guests.


The presence of an expos or trade shows can very positively impact the location where it is taking place, often improving the local economy quite significantly. However, such events can also put a strain on some industries, such as hotels. If you have exhibitors or visitors attending from out of state you will need to make sure housing options are available. A housing provider can help you to secure blocks of hotel rooms which might otherwise be filled by others, granting you, your exhibitors and your guests a place to stay for the duration of your event.

When putting together any event, no matter its size or scope, it is essential to surround yourself with a team of professionals. These five are the most essential because the things they provide you with are so key to any event’s success. Keeping your exhibitors and guests satisfied during your expo should be your ultimate goal. More than anyone else these five parties can help you accomplish that goal. Be sure to find people you can trust with experience in their industry and previous job experience they can point to. And contact Jacoby Expo today if you have any questions.