Should Your Expo Have an Event App?

With the prevalence of mobile devices today, the use of event apps to improve the experience of your attendees can be extremely beneficial. A well designed event app serves as both a scheduling tool, free advertising and a way for attendees to share their favorite parts of the show to social media.

Several Apps on the screen of a modern black smart phone

Scheduling, Planning and Mapping

Many event app builders consider the trade show schedule to be one of the most important pieces of information that attendees need. Rather than printing and handing out hundreds of paper fliers, this information can easily be accessed through any cell phone or tablet that is connected to the internet. Plus, many apps also allow attendees to set reminders for presentations and speakers that they are interested in so they can continue visiting exhibits without worrying about the time. The app can also contain a map of your trade show floor layout so that attendees can get directions to the booths they most want to see, and find their way to restrooms, food courts or other auxiliary services when needed.


Marketing Tools

Another feature of a good event app is the ability to place banner ads and splash graphics throughout. Event attendees will be able to see advertisements for upcoming presentations, sponsors of the event, and exhibits that will draw attention. This is an opportunity for vendors and exhibitors to get extra face time and encourage attendees to visit their booths.


Social Media 

In addition to the advertisements that your attendees will be seeing within the app, your event app can also be a useful resource for marketing outside of this crowd. Allowing users to take and upload photos, share them to their social media accounts and post reviews is a good way to reach networks of people who otherwise would not have attended or known about your expo. This is an opportunity for growth both short term and long term as your event grows each year.



One interesting aspect of the event app craze is the the chance to engage users by making a game out of their attendance. Allowing users to earn points for visiting certain booths or attending presentations gives them an additional incentive to spend more time looking around and participating. At the end of the event, these points can be redeemed for prizes with trade show logos.



Lastly, an event app for trade show organizers is a useful tool for analyzing what attendees are doing with their time while they are present. You will be able to monitor areas of the show that are getting the most traffic, and identify weak points in your event that can be modified or improved in future years. You will also be able to see their reviews and gather survey data about their experience, which allows you to learn what the attendees loved and what they wish they had seen more of while they were there. This analysis is an invaluable resource when it is time to begin planning for the next big event.

Overall the creation of an event app for your next expo is an investment in both an excellent attendee experience, but also in your own development as a trade show organizer. When used well it can be a resource that gives attendees the ability to organize their time and get the most out of their tickets. Beyond that, it provides additional means of marketing inside and out of the show as it happens. As an organizer, you will have the chance to find your strengths and weaknesses, and build a better show year after year.