Using Technology to Slay Your Partnerships

Using Technology to Slay Your Partnerships

I’ve been writing about technology a lot lately because it’s just that important to your show.

And now that I’m comfortable with implementing various tech trends into my events – and I hope that you are too – I wanted to come up with more ways I could use it to boost my ROI.

One area that I wanted to focus on was getting more partners on board and, let me tell you, the competition can be fierce.  

There are so many amazing shows out there vying for attention.

And of course, money.

But I don’t stress out about this and neither should you because at Jacoby Expo we are focused on solutions.

Go ahead and woo them with the following technologies that will sweeten any deal and have your sponsors saying YES!

Competitive Edge

The more simplistic ways of garnering new partners aren’t dead (yet) but, they don’t attract sponsors like they used to.

Think about how all the digital technology that brands have today.  They have unfettered access and it’s reaching more people for less investment.

I’m sorry to say that plastering a sponsors logo everywhere just isn’t going to win you any brownie points anymore.

Here are some ways you can create more sponsorship opportunities for your show and give it the competitive edge it needs.

Live Streaming

Brands know that live streams drive up the number of attendees and create a buzz not only for the show but for them as well. It’s marketing at a low cost and a high return which is why brands are not only in favor of live streaming, they have come to expect it.

Live streaming lets their brand take center stage as they showcase the event from their perspective while reaching a broader audience. According to Livestream, viewers spend more time watching live video than they do standard video content. Brands know that people prefer to watch live video over reading similar content in a blog post (ouch!).

Bottom line…if you want to secure a sponsorship you have to make live stream part of the deal.

Smart Floors

We live in a data-driven age which means promising a great ROI isn’t good enough -brands want you to back up your talk with hard numbers. No one wants to take huge risks on shows that don’t deliver on their promises.

One way to provide clear answers is by using smart mats or other unobtrusive tech gadgets that collect data in your show.

Smart mats are exactly how they sound – they are mats that have the technology capable of measuring foot traffic as well as collecting related stats like occupancy, wait time, and rush hour.

Compiling relevant information lets you approach sponsors with real-time data instead of simply the assurance that you can provide them with great exposure.

You can also dangle the data in front of prospective sponsors while the show is still going strong as a FOMO (fear-of-missing-out) tactic. Scarcity can sell out sponsorships in key locations so don’t be shy with your numbers.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is the current event darling and at a time when shows are feeling the hit of lackluster sponsorships, it would be silly to miss this crowd-pleasing opportunity.

AR adds an entirely new dimension to an event with limitless creative potential while creating a buzz for brands and luckily there are a myriad of targeted AR options available or, if you prefer, you can have a media firm create one for specifically for your event.

It’s not just events that are using AR.  Big companies are using it to get higher engagement with their customers by letting them interact with their products.

For example, Wayfair’s View in Room feature on their mobile app lets customers see furniture and decor in their homes before they buy.  Wine company 19 Crimes took the technology of AR and integrated it so that you can interact with their wine labels – you hear a British prisoner of the infamous “19 crimes” tell their side of the story- by downloading their app and pointing your phone at it.

Animation goes to a whole new level with AR by taking static objects and bringing them to life and brands love this because more attention means greater ROI.

Some of the most commonly used AR would be Snapchat filters and Facebook frames for profile pictures.  I can’t begin to tell you how many profile selfies I see on a daily basis with augmented puppy ears and nose -so why not integrate something similar into your show?

Another way you can use AR is by telling a story, in particular, your sponsor’s story.  Everybody loves a good story and there isn’t much that a sponsor loves more than hearing their message being told in a way that is memorable and fun.  It’s a great way to leave a lasting impression on your attendees and your new brand partnership.