Not All Trade Shows Look Alike

Not-All_Trade_Shows_Look_Alike_Jacoby_ExpoEvents such as trade shows and conferences are designed to spur people’s minds into action, to learn, and to explore possibilities and solutions.  They are meant to showcase and demonstrate the best industries have to offer, which for some, can be overwhelming.  Not all trade show events look the same, and it’s important to remember to give your attendees a mental break by interjecting some fun activities into the program.  Some themes can be heavy and require a good dose of levity to refocus.  Try to anticipate your guest’s needs by mixing things up a bit.  Use the following ideas to enrich your event or let them spark your imagination to create your own.

A Dose of Wellness

People are becoming more in tune with their bodies by implementing health and wellness practices into their daily routine.  Health awareness isn’t only a smart life choice, it’s also a trend that’s here to stay.  Provide your attendees with an activity that enriches both mind and body:

  • Hold a yoga session, suitable for all experience levels, in a serene outdoor space or in a quiet and tranquil room.  A juice bar is a perfect way to end the session and give guests a chance to cleanse and refresh from within.
  • Hire a local wildlife ranger to take attendees on a nature-themed hike to show off local foliage and habitats.  Provide hikers with healthy snacks such as granola and trail mix.
  • Fitness trainers aren’t only for the elite.  Hire a personal trainer to show attendees some exercises they can use while “on the go”.  Make sure they are low impact, with something for everyone.  

A Dose of Exploration

Wanderlust resides in most everyone, so unlock your attendee’s sense of curiosity with some activities that explore local businesses and landscapes.  

  • Explore the city with a Segway tour.  Attendees can learn more about the host city’s history and what it has to offer while gliding along city walks.
  • Tours of local businesses give attendees a behind-the-scenes look at how products are produced and distributed.  From ice cream shops to larger corporate enterprises, business tours are always a hit.
  • Places that have a quintessential local flair, such as open-air markets, museums that display local artwork, or historic sites are a great way to infuse culture into your attendee’s experience.  

A Dose of Adventure

For those attendees that crave adventure, activities that focus on excitement can be a great way for them to release pent-up energy.

  • Obstacle courses encourage teamwork and create fun-spirited competition among participants.  They can run, jump, and climb their way to the finish line with walls, ropes, and other hurdles.
  • Rent an indoor climbing gym for a couple of hours so participants can learn strength and climbing skills taught by skilled instructors.
  • Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt?  Create your own scavenger hunt with the help of local business owners or enlist the help of CityHunt to plan an epic hunt that attendees will never forget.  

A Dose of Savings

Providing fun activities doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of ways to shake things up without leaving the conference facility.  Invite attendees to participate in the following:

  • Set up an arcade in a nearby room or hall with all-time favorites such as air hockey, pinball, and Pac-Man.
  • Hire a local artist to teach different painting techniques to guests while they sample local wines.
  • Photo booths are a fun way for guests to create a memorable souvenir of their time at your event and it doesn’t take much effort to incorporate.  
  • Organize a game of “Where’s Waldo?”  Guests will have to scour the exhibit hall for a real-life person that matches the description of the clues provided (given out at various times during the event).  Attendees will submit their guesses at the end of the conference with the winners receiving a prize.

A Dose of the Unpredictable

Most of us have heard that no two snowflakes are alike; that every one of those fully developed frozen crystal prisms is unique, even though they are all created by the same process.  There is an unlimited number of variations when it comes to snowflakes and the same can be true with events.  There are just too many variables that cannot be planned for, regardless of process.  Even the familiar can be unpredictable.  And that’s a good thing; it keeps people coming back for more because it’s always a different experience (especially when it’s infused with fun!).