Jacoby Expo at Atlanta Shoe Market

Jacoby Expo was honored to take part in the Atlanta Shoe Market, an industry trade fair located in Atlanta, GA. With over 1,800 lines of men’s and women’s footwear on display the Atlanta Shoe Market is one of the largest bi-annual shoe expos in the United States. Even more impressively the expo features a wide range of other products as well, not just shoes but also handbags and other accessories. It is not just a place for exhibitors and retailers to market their wares, though it certainly is that, but also one where industry professionals can come to educate themselves about their rapidly changing market. Representatives from branded fashion companies and spas across the United States come together to compare processes and share notes for the mutual benefit of every attendee. Since its inception the show has earned a strong reputation as a notable industry event, one where buyers and sellers can meet and information can be spread.

More than anything else, the Atlanta Shoe Market is about convenience, both for shoppers and manufacturers. It offers visitors the opportunity to browse an incredible range of products under one roof and allows companies to rest easy in the knowledge that those in attendance are serious about the products they’re attempting to sell. After all, the majority of buyers at the Expo have businesses of their own and are looking to stock their inventories with high-quality items. The market is held twice a year, once in Spring and once in Fall, with both events featuring seasonally-appropriate items. No matter what season you visit in, The Atlanta Shoe Market is a premier destination for those looking to buy, as well as those looking to sell. Jacoby Expo was honored to be asked to aid the Atlanta Shoe Market in their yearly operations and look forward to working with them again in the future.