Industry Publications You Should Be Reading

Industry Publications You Should Be Reading

It can be a challenge to stay relevant in the trade show world – trends are always changing and so are consumers.

Relevance is the be-all-end-all regardless of what industry you hail from and it’s easy to get stuck in a rut.

This is where industry publications become your new best friends – not only are they chocked full of inspiring ideas, but they can alert you to emerging trends and help you make new discoveries.

Reading industry publications is an inexpensive and easy way to stay on top of your game.

These are my six favorite go-to publications that I peruse whether I’m searching for something specific or I just need a refresh…

Exhibitor Magazine

This publication probably needs little introduction as it’s one of the premier resources for trade show and event professionals. If you need information on a specific topic, you probably won’t need to look much further. From helpful tips to examining the biggest issues the industry faces today, it’s easy to see why Exhibitor Magazine is beloved by so many.

Trade Show Executive

Trade Show Executive Magazine is as informational on the inside as it is sleek-looking. It’s the Time magazine of all things trade show. It’s curated to provide news that you can use and trending topics. One of the things I love the most about TSE is their feature stories that highlight the best and brightest in our industry and share their inspiring successes.

Biz Bash

Biz Bash gets me. The CEO of Biz Bash, David Adler, likens show organizers to “high-performance collaboration artists” and that philosophy is evident in the news and resources that they provide.  Their Top 100’s lists are a revered favorite among its many followers as they lead the pack on experiential marketing.

Destinations & Facilities

When you need information on the best venues, Destinations & Facilities has got your back. They provide all the current updates on venue renovations and new facilities, as well as entertainment and special events happening in host cities. Issues contain in-depth facility and city spotlights that are relevant to you, which is something you won’t find anywhere else.

Exhibitor Online

From the creators of Exhibitor Magazine, Exhibitor Online houses hundreds of articles that are unique to their site. I especially love their online search feature where I can type in specific keywords to quickly find exactly what I’m looking for. Their online content is as helpful and well-curated as their print format. It’s truly an online treasure trove of information.

Trade Show News Network (TSNN)

TSNN has been providing round-the-clock industry news updates since 1996. In addition to their online source contributions, TSNN also sends out weekly e-newsletters to subscribers keeping them informed with the latest developments. In an effort to facilitate conversations within the industry, TSNN launched #Expochat, a twitter based discussion that asks questions based on a chosen topic and you get to participate. It’s a fun and engaging way to get give and feedback from other thought leaders in the industry.