How Entertainment Enhances Your Attendee Experience

Entertainment Enhances your attendee experience trade show manager jacoby expo

If you were to deconstruct your memories of vacations, parties, weddings, and date nights and erase all the entertainment, they might not be as memorable.  Entertainment often sharpens our senses making it less likely that the moment will become yet another faded memory.  While it can be a means of escape, more often than not, forms of entertainment are meant to break the monotony of life.  Entertainment brings people together through a shared experience and has the power to engage and foster connectedness; that’s why it plays a vital role in many events and is an important aspect in creating fun memories.

Facilitate An Atmosphere of Fun

The success of any event is often gauged by how well it was received by the attendees and if it captured their attention enough to result in reciprocation.  For a Trade Show Manager, getting potential buyers to want to initiate communication with vendors can be encouraged by breaking the ice with entertainment.  Not only is it fun for guests, but it can help set the mood and facilitate the atmosphere that you are trying to achieve.  Just as important, it can create positive feelings associated with your event that will linger long after the show is over; hopefully resulting in repeat attendees who are more than happy to spread the word.

The objective is to hire entertainment that creates memories for the right reason.  Problems can arise with entertainment when it distracts or detracts from the goals of the event.  If a show is more memorable because the entertainment was intrusive or inappropriate, not only is it a lost opportunity, it can be detrimental to your business.  Take the following measures when choosing the right entertainment for your event:

  • Stick with entertainment that isn’t offensive or might alienate people.  
  • Ask for references and check out their reputation before hiring any entertainment.  Don’t hire solely based on recommendations.  Do your homework.
  • Decide what type of entertainment you are looking for and whether or not you want them to interact with guests.  

Make It Relatable

Most good ideas come from thinking outside of the proverbial box.  What makes ideas great is when they strike a chord with guests by being relatable.  If entertainment doesn’t connect with its viewers in some personal way, it might miss the mark.  In other words, if no emotions or the wrong emotions were evoked, then no understandable connection can be made and will be easily disregarded.  A great way to bridge emotional or relational gaps is to bring local and or regional culture and flavor to your show.  The following suggestions can help you brainstorm for your own event:

  • Las Vegas:  Have a roving Elvis serenade and interact with guests, or wow attendees with the quintessential Vegas experience of Circ Du Soleil.
  • New Orleans: Entertain guests with a locally known jazz band that marches through.  For fun, offer free swing dance lessons reminiscent of a different era in the French Quarter.
  • New York City:  Dazzle with some off-broadway musical dance numbers, or celebrate one of the oldest musical institutions in the U.S, the New York Philharmonics, by entertaining guests with classical music played by local symphony orchestra members.
  • Savannah:  Many well-known movies have been produced and filmed in the hostess city of the south.  Hire professionals to reenact scenes from beloved movies or have musicians perform songs from the soundtracks.  

Worth The Effort

Our relationship with entertainment is very powerful.  It transcends barriers to give us all something to enrich the moments that connect us with one another.  Trade show entertainment has become a popular strategy for good reason. When we feel something, it can bypass uncertainty and make us more open to building relationships with others.  In this case, it can help facilitate new relationships between buyers and vendors.   The late comic genius, Robin Williams, understood the effect entertainment had on people, saying “I learned that by being entertaining you make a connection with another person.”  And that is an effort worth pursuing.