Have Fun With Tech At Your Show: Part Two

Have Fun With Tech At Your Show: Part Two

In the first blog post of this series, I covered three tech trends that have emerged onto the event scene and why they are worth looking into -to catch up read part one here.

While you’re reading it’s my hope – if you’re on the fence about using them – that this will help familiarize you with emergent technology that isn’t only beneficial for your show, it’s also fun.

Let’s dig into two more trends, shall we?

Group Tech

One way that event experiences have evolved is by simply creating social interactions via a remote online connection. People that are thousands of miles apart can participate together instead of being solitary observers from far away.

Now you don’t have to be physically present to be engaged in event activities. This is great for event planners. It means less passivity and more participation.

One way to take advantage of remote video technology is in the development of niche educational tracks. Users would purchase a virtual ticket and be instantly connected with a host. It increases engagement with very little effort.

Perhaps one of the most utilized tech trends is the use of live 360 video, which is exactly how it sounds: a 360-degree video is shot with a camera that captures a 360-degree view of the surroundings. All viewers have to do is swipe around or use their mouse to view left to right, top to bottom.

Your attendees can be a world away but feel immersed in the action.

Virtual Reality (VR)

It’s fun to see attendees react in wonder to seeing things in a new way and that’s what they get from experiencing virtual reality.

Since VR is not a new concept and has been around long enough for people to become comfortable with the idea, it’s become more exciting to play around with and less intimidating. Attendees who were once self-conscious about the idea of donning a VR headset don’t think twice about it now.

When people come to your show they want to learn and experience products and VR allows them to do that in a way that might not have been possible before. It takes the inaccessible and brings it face to face.

Augmented reality (AR) offers a less Narnia-like experience while bringing digital elements into our own world – it’s enhancing reality instead of replacing it. From Snapchat filters that swap faces to Amazon’s View In Your Room, a design and decorating app that lets buyers see how furniture will look in their space with their phone before purchasing, AR is bridging the gap between the natural world and the embellished one.

How can AR be implemented into events?

  • Debut an AR scavenger hunt where attendees forgo the traditional hunting process for one that allows them to collect virtual items and use them to win prizes.
  • AR tutorials that give attendees a hands-on training on how the product or service can be used – a try before you buy approach that boosts consumer confidence.
  • Let guests interact with an AR photo booth. How it works – attendees stand in front of a monitor and when they see their image they can select from various 3D props that show up on the screen by raising their hand and moving them around.

The evolution of technology is inevitable – it’s a continual progression that allows you, as the architect of your show, to create something that has endless possibilities. It comes with a learning curve and can sometimes cause frustration, but it will soon become some of the most essential – and favorite – tools you have under your belt.