From Stranger to Customer – Video

When you find yourself in unfamiliar territory, what is it that makes you feel welcome? Is it an inviting smile or perhaps an invitation to join in the camaraderie?

Whatever it is that makes people feel like they have gone from a stranger to a welcomed and wanted guest, that essence is what we want to tap into as show coordinators.

In this first post in a new series titled From Stranger to Customer, we are going to discuss the topic of video and how you can use it to increase exhibitor sales and increase attendance registration.

The Message You Send

Videos are utilized for many different reasons…they can be used to get people excited or to help evoke a certain emotion. Its message can call us to action or inform and educate.

Before you create a video, it’s important to know what purpose it serves, otherwise your message can get missed entirely. A well-produced video can deliver a powerful message when it hits the intended mark.

It can turn a stranger into a customer; a follower into a believer.  


It’s up to you to start the conversation with your attendees, so start early by making a promotional video to post to social media and websites. Send out a short save-the-date video to past attendees and post the video to plug the event to everyone else.

Pre-show videos give your guests a taste of what to expect and lets them know that you’re excited about their arrival. If you have video content from previous shows, add in short clips that really highlight what your show is all about. Testimonials are a great endorsement and give potential sponsors valuable evidence that your show is worth promoting.

Don’t make the mistake of cramming as much information as you can into your video. Instead, you want to appeal to their emotions rather than focusing too much on data, which decreases its intended impact. Stay focused on the goal of the message and it’s sure to resonate with a diverse audience.  

On Stage

A galvanizing video can be a keynote speakers best tool for communicating a narrative that words are insufficient for. It provides clarity while elevating and supporting their message.

Motion has a way of capturing our attention and reinforcing ideas that surpass the feelings we get with still imagery, which is why most large companies use it during presentations, like product demos and releases. It creates a great ROI while integrating your keynotes message and brand into content with a purpose.


Doing a live-stream of your show (think exclusive behind-the-scenes content) and guest speaker content is the perfect way to reach thousands of people who could potentially become customers. It’s growing in popularity and is one of the latest (and best) ways to market your event and it doesn’t cost hardly anything to do. Live-streams encourage transparency (that builds trust) and can provide vital feedback from viewers.  

Show Floor

Some event-goers know exactly which exhibits they want to visit, while many rely on visual information to make their decision. The average attention span of a consumer is roughly 8 seconds. That’s not a lot of time to capture someone’s attention so they must plan wisely. The video should convey who they are as a brand and leave customers with an understanding of what the company can do for them.  

This is where video becomes an invaluable tool for exhibitors. Integrating motion into the overall design of an exhibit can help draw potential customers in when they may have otherwise kept on walking.  For the greatest impact, the screen should be visible to both attendees passing by and those at a distance.

Product Demos

Product demos are a staple at trade shows and for good reason. They show a potential buyer how a product works and demonstrates why their product is better than the competition. A picture is worth more than words can convey and offers proof that the product is what they say it is.

Sponsor Content

A way to attract sponsorship is to give companies square footage in prominent high traffic areas to showcase their promotional content. You can also display their logo and tagline on screens throughout the venue.

Post Show

What happens after the show is just as important as what happens before. Failing to follow up with the new contacts that were made is perhaps the biggest lost opportunity you could face.  

One of the most meaningful ways to follow up with attendees is to send them a video montage of the best clips you have gathered from the event to remind them why they went and the connections they made during it.

In the days following the show, post video highlights to social media and blogs to show others what they missed out on and let them know about future shows that they can look forward to.


From pre-show to post-show, trade show videos are a great way to win over new customers. They have the power to create anticipation and engage your attendees even after the show is over. With the right content, they are sure to turn strangers into customers.