Creating an Experience Through Sponsorship

Creating an experience through sponsorship Jacoby Expo

Companies like to sponsor events if it’s a win-win proposition.  Winning is good, but nowadays winning means more than having a logo pasted everywhere in exchange for financial support.  It means experience plus marketing – aka experiential marketing – and it’s something that companies and event planners are embracing and so should you.

One of the best ways to create a dynamic experience for attendees is through partnerships with sponsors that want to invest in the unexpected.  An elevated brand experience equals more value for not only your sponsors but for your attendees.

When you create an experience you also create lasting memories that can’t be measured.  Good memories associated with a particular brand are something sponsors are willing to pay for.

Let The Good Times Roll

Experiential marketing is a philosophy that encompasses active participation in a brand through real-world experiences. Companies are looking for opportunities to fund interactive activities that capture their brand personality.

You dream it and they can help you make it happen.

IAEE has been making the most out of their yearly conference event Expo! Expo! by hosting a charity event known as Humanity Rocks that benefits organizations in their community, like Boysville that helps hundreds of children in a crisis situation get the help they need to succeed.

Humanity Rocks is the epitome of what IAEE stands for which is rallying behind not only it’s members but the community and beyond.  It’s a fun event sponsored by GES that encourages attendees to advocate for a cause and have a good time in the process. With a live band, dancing and networking, attendees are sure to make lasting memories.  The event epitomizes what IAEE and GES are all about, meeting needs and making an impact.

That is successful experiential marketing.


Tailored experiences can extend the impact of a sponsorship.  Subtle is out, bold and fun is in. The following ideas can be modified to convey the quintessence of the sponsor(s)…

Wine tasting tours

Give attendees the opportunity to tour vineyards and a winery with wine sharings and other delectable offerings.  Discounts can be offered for V.I.P’s.

Yacht Night

Attendees can stroll the beach and enjoy a lively party on an exclusive yacht with live music while cruising in style.

Event Specific to Your Area

Depending on the show location you can give your attendees an experience that celebrates the host city.  If your show is in New Orleans you can throw a mardi gras party or a low-country boil. Hosting a show in Columbus?  Invite zookeepers from one of the top zoos in the country to bring some of their residents over for a visit.

Make the most of your location and take advantage of what makes it unique.  Whether that’s food like bbq or late night hauntings, inspiration can be found anywhere.

On-Site Fun

If you want to keep the experience on-site sponsors can invest in interactive technology like media walls or a 360-degree picture that can be turned into a gif.  The sponsor logo can go on the bottom corner (of the picture/gif) that can be shared across social media spreading the word of the sponsor and your event. Other favorites include re-charging stations in a lounge setting and a break area with vintage arcade games.  

Beyond the Logo

The sponsorship days of pasting business logos on everything is becoming an antiquated way of engaging consumers.  Been there and done that. You want your attendees to become fans and that only comes from hands-on experiences that mean something.

And you won’t get that from a logo on a banner.