College Style Party for Professionals

College Style Party for Professionals

Let’s face it, trade show parties can be stale and forgettable but, it doesn’t have to be that way.

No trade show would be complete without a full-blown celebration.

You know, the kind of party that takes you back to your good old college days when you could be wild and carefree.

Oh, to feel young again, those were the days.

I can’t turn back the clock but I can give you some great party suggestions that will take your party from meh to OH, YEAH.

Twist On A Classic

Since this is a trade show party and not an actual college frat party, we want to class it up.

Try taking some of the things that made you feel alive during your college days and give it a refined twist for professionals.

For example, instead of hosting a kegger, have some bubbly brought in via a prosecco truck or van.  Because you need this in your life, trust me.

Other ideas that you can file away under epic party plans can include…

A Graffiti Party- Provide white t-shirts for all your guests and go color crazy.  No wet t-shirts here, just lots of artistic fun.

Theme Party- Theme parties aren’t just for kids.  Adults love to dress up too.  A couple of themes I love are decade parties, like the roaring ’20s or the quintessential hula themed party.

Food Truck Party- I prefer this version to the tailgate party.  You don’t have to bring a dish and there is enough variety to please every inner foodie.

Olympics (sans beer version)- Yes, it’s possible to be competitive without beer.  In fact, everyone will perform better without drowning in alcohol and remember the fun the next day.

Soon-To-Be A Classic

Thinking outside of the box may take more effort but, it’s more than worth it.

Doing something unique instead of the same old thing can attract new attendees and sponsorships.

Translation- It can open you up to a new revenue stream or partnerships.

The Key Ingredient

Party planning is becoming all about the unexpected.

It’s diving deep into our desire to experience something different.

The magic ingredient to creating a memorable party for your guests is the unknown.

Incorporate a little curiosity into your party and that, my friends, can drive ticket sales, increase engagement, and keep people talking.

Below are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing…

Host a Speakeasy

The secret to hosting a speakeasy is all in the mystery.

Tell only a few select people about the event and watch it spread like wildfire.  Make sure your guests know the secret knock or password for admittance.

Then dim the lights and create an atmosphere that harkens back to the 20s.  Only the finest in cocktails will do for this self-indulgent party scene.

Live piano music is a must and surprise guests with a special (but unknown) performer near the end.

Open Up a New World

Think back to a time when you entered a space and you felt like you were transported to another era or place.

There is something about escaping reality for a while that makes you feel like you’ve captured that innocent-like essence of being a kid again.

Its awe and wonder.

And that’s what I want you to tap into with the following party ideas…

Murder Mystery Dinner

Murder mystery dinners are a great way to pull your guests away from the stresses of life and get them involved in role-playing.

Costumes are optional but good drinks are a must.

The themes can range from the wacky, a zombie apocalypse to the classic, like a game of Clue.

Escape Rooms

If you haven’t heard of escape rooms by now let me illuminate you.

Escape rooms are an emerging trend right now that groups large and small are raving about.

It’s all about solving puzzles and working together to “escape” a room, usually within a timeframe of 60 minutes.

To create more of a sense of adventure, the room and challenges are themed and tell a narrative.

Throw in some food and drinks and you’ve got yourself a lively party.

The Party Formula

I often get asked what the perfect formula is to throwing a successful party and my response is not one that is expected.

There is no perfect formula.

The truth is sometimes the best parties are the ones that take the expected and turn it upside down.

My best piece of advice is to leave an element of your party a mystery until the last minute.

Keep your guests in suspense.  Trust me, it always draws a lot of conversations before and after.

Bottom line:  Embrace your creative side and have fun with it.