Boost Event Interaction With Social Walls

Boost Event Interaction With Social Walls

The much-loved hashtag has become such an integral part of social media that many would be loath to see it go. Fortunately for hashtag aficionados and those that superficially hashtag, the pound symbol that has changed much of modern society discourse isn’t going anywhere.  Hashtags have now been around for a decade and are still providing visibility for events and activities.  Its existence gives social media depth and can provide context for the conversation, creating buzz and boosting participation.  Events have evolved for the better because of the hashtag culture and the use of social walls at your event is a great way to take advantage of it.

What is a Social Wall?

Social walls at events are becoming increasingly popular and the culture behind the hashtag and social media phenomenon are a major reason why.  A social wall is a large screen or multiple, that displays attendees social media photos and posts in real-time that are relevant to your event.  Media walls can display tagged posts across social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, giving your event a wide range of exposure.  Only social media posts that are tagged with the hashtag specific to your event will show up on the screen so it’s important to display your event hashtag for attendees to see in prominent locations.  Pro-tip: Come up with a clever and relevant hashtag that people will remember that isn’t long (less chance for typos!) and give your media wall high visibility for a maximum level of interest.  Place your media wall in a high traffic area or at the entrance, not in a corner where people are likely to miss it.  

Behind the Social Wall

Your attendees will be able to interact with your show on a level that goes beyond the expo exterior when you display a media wall, and in the process, they become free marketers for your event.  When event attendees are given their own platform to express their excitement and perspective on the show, it extends the breadth of your event to reach a fresh audience.  To cover the expense of the wall, consider selling sponsorships by featuring their content alongside your attendee’s.  You might even make a profit and the added publicity, buzz, and attendee engagement that social walls provide will give you a consistent ROI for your events.  

Social Wall Service Providers

There are several social wall tools available for you to choose from, with each one offering its own unique style and benefits.  Here are some highlights from a few of them:


Tagboard utilizes hashtags to collect social media content while giving you the ability to determine what gets posted and what doesn’t.  Interact live with posts and comments relevant to your event.  With several layouts to choose from, you can decide which one works best for your event.  

Presenters Wall

Presenters Wall App, an online presentation tool, lets audiences vote and ask questions with responses presented in real-time using their own devices.  This type of tool creates a higher level of interaction and gives you valuable feedback on your event that you can use later.

Hootfeed by Hootsuite

Hootfeed is a live Twitter stream where you can add your own logos and color scheme to give your wall a customized look.  Audience members can submit questions live which can foster discussions, especially during question and answer sessions with event guest speakers.


Sprinklr works with some of the world’s largest brands, and after acquiring Postano, it’s in the market of offering social media walls with a high degree of adaptability ranging from aggregation to analytics.  By using storyboards and Spinklr’s proprietary “stay alive” technology, you can be assured that your display content will be glitch-free.


Display social media content from various platforms, including Google+, with Eventifier’s Livewall.  With a real-time feed option, new content is constantly being displayed, with the option to moderate what goes up on your big screen. Eventifier allows you to save and reuse content and images for future events.  

The Magic of Social Media

Social media is one of the most influential tools for sharing your message in an effectual way with digital signage helping to achieve that goal; it has the ability to entertain, advertise, and unite.  We live in a digital age where audiences everywhere are encouraged to join in the conversation and your social wall will be the hub that brings it all together.  No matter which social wall provider you choose, you can count on this: your events reach will expand, and that is the magic of social media.