Using VR at Your Trade Show

June 29, 2017

Sometimes the future doesn’t seem that far away. In some cases, it feels a little too close, and instead of embracing what it may hold, the instinct is to cling to what feels familiar. No matter what great effort is taken to slow down the inevitable, we eventually find ourselves marveling at the inconceivable. When …

Why the CVB in your Show’s Host City is so Important

May 24, 2017

Every once in awhile something comes along that sounds too good to be true and it turns out to actually be true. There is no catch or cheesy gimmick. Once you discover it, there is no turning back to the dark ages when you had no idea such an amazing resource existed. The Convention and …

Choosing the Trade Shows That Will Best Benefit Your Company

March 15, 2017

Trade shows can be one of the most effective and dynamic ways for you to get out and market your business. They allow you to be face to face with prospective customers and educate them about all of the reasons that you are so great at what you do. So which shows do you choose …

Enticing Your Exhibitors to Increase Attendance at Your Tradeshow

March 1, 2017

                        J. Kelly Hoey said that being successful is “realizing that to get where you’re going, you need to help others get to where they’re going. It’s based on the old adage that if they succeed, you succeed as well. As a show manager, …

World Perfumery Congress Show – Miami, FL

June 23, 2016

Don’t be confused by the word “perfume.” At the World Perfumery Congress (WPC) in Miami Beach, perfume is more than a fancy crystal bottle – it’s the scent that powers products from dish soap to kitty litter. Join chemists from around the world at the iconic Fontainebleau Resort from June 13-15 to explore everything scent-related. …

10 Simple Ways That Your Association Can Reduce Costs at Your Next Trade Show

February 26, 2016

Trade show costs can end up going through the roof if you’re not paying attention. Some associations will just take the hit, assuming that trade show costs are always going to be high and that they are, in the end, worth it. However, there are plenty of ways that an association can lower trade show …

The Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Floor Manager for Your Trade Show

February 19, 2016

Hiring an experienced floor manager for you next trade show is the best way to ensure that the expo runs smoothly and is well coordinated. Trade show floor managers are a valuable resource and asset that will make your vendors and exhibitors more successful overall which will draw bigger and bigger crowds over time. Coordination …

Standing Out From the Competition at Your Next Tradeshow

November 19, 2015

Tradeshow marketing presents a unique challenge to businesses looking to draw in potential new customers and get their name out. In a crowded and noisy environment it can be difficult to make a lasting impression on anyone who is simply shuffling past your booth. However, there are steps you can take to stand out among the competition by focusing on what’s truly important to your customers.