International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE)

October 5, 2017

There is a Portuguese idiom that admonishes Brazilians to make the best out of the resources available.  When translated to English, it simply says this: “if you don’t own a dog, hunt with a cat.”  The sentiment is wise, but staying within those parameters often limits potential possibilities of growth and betterment.  Accumulating more resources …

How Innovative Perspective Can Drastically Alter an Established Industry

June 20, 2016

History is replete with many examples of innovative, far-sighted thinkers who have come up with an idea that revolutionized or completely altered established industries. By analyzing highlights of these companies you can identify the trends and similarities of their success. Uber Looking at a more recent example, the novel ridesharing service Uber has upended the …

Exhibitions Means Business Meeting with Washington DC Politicians

June 3, 2016

Many view exhibitions and tradeshows as little more than industry meeting grounds; places to share ideas, purchase products and network with others in your field. While these preconceived notions are accurate to a point they dramatically underestimate the potential impact of tradeshows and expos. The truth is that events such as these have a massive …