Boost Event Interaction With Social Walls

November 1, 2017

The much-loved hashtag has become such an integral part of social media that many would be loath to see it go. Fortunately for hashtag aficionados and those that superficially hashtag, the pound symbol that has changed much of modern society discourse isn’t going anywhere.  Hashtags have now been around for a decade and are still …

How Entertainment Enhances Your Attendee Experience

October 18, 2017

If you were to deconstruct your memories of vacations, parties, weddings, and date nights and erase all the entertainment, they might not be as memorable.  Entertainment often sharpens our senses making it less likely that the moment will become yet another faded memory.  While it can be a means of escape, more often than not, …

International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE)

October 5, 2017

There is a Portuguese idiom that admonishes Brazilians to make the best out of the resources available.  When translated to English, it simply says this: “if you don’t own a dog, hunt with a cat.”  The sentiment is wise, but staying within those parameters often limits potential possibilities of growth and betterment.  Accumulating more resources …

Importance of Details in the Pre-Show Planning Process

September 14, 2017

                  If you can relate to the phrase, “if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself,” then you are not alone.  Most of us have found ourselves in a situation that requires us to delegate a task to someone else.  For Show Managers, …

Using Social Media to Create a Buzz About Your Show

August 30, 2017

It’s hard to remember what society was like before the emergence of social media. Advertising of the past was relegated to print, radio and road-side gimmicks. Modern social networking is no longer a literal barn raising, but rather a figurative strategy that brings people together over various media resources to contribute and participate in a …

Creative Floor Plans for Non-Traditional Shows

July 20, 2017

Adaptability is arguably one of the most enviable of character traits. It shows an ability to learn while making allowances for transformation. Pearl Zhu, author and visualist of business innovation, makes the observation that “adaptability enforces creativity, and creativity enforces adaptability.”  

Tracking Attendee Trends Using Tech

June 27, 2017

Most of us, at one point, have wanted to be the proverbial “fly on the wall”; to have inside knowledge of what would otherwise be unknown. Not surprisingly, technology has made some amazing advances over the years that brings us much closer to being “that fly.”  While it can be argued that technology can be …

Why “We Are So Busy” Is Never an Acceptable Excuse

November 14, 2016

Have you worked over forty hours/week at least once this month? Have you looked at or responded to emails on vacation and/or personal time? Do you ever lay awake at night running through your infinite to do list? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, then you, like the majority of Americans, …

What Key Players Are Important in Executing a Seamless Event?

September 27, 2016

Executing a seamless event, like a tradeshow or expo, can leave your audience inspired, excited and ready to return the following year. Whatever the event revolves around, ensuring it runs effectively from beginning to end is nearly impossible if you do not employ handful of key players. As long as you maintain proper communication and …

Should Your Expo Have an Event App?

February 12, 2016

With the prevalence of mobile devices today, the use of event apps to improve the experience of your attendees can be extremely beneficial. A well designed event app serves as both a scheduling tool, free advertising and a way for attendees to share their favorite parts of the show to social media. Scheduling, Planning and …