We Were Caught Talking About CEIR’s Event Performance Analyzer

March 29, 2019

Last month, CEIR gave me a shout out in return for a blog post I wrote and published about one of the best tools they provide known as the Event Performance Analyzer on their site.I really love to write about the things that make me a better professional…the stuff that I can really dive into …

Leveraging Speaking Engagements to Establish Your Show as a Thought Leader

March 27, 2019

We’re all out here doing our thing and striving to be the best at it. We want to be the leader of the pack, the show stopper, the cat’s meow. But how do we do it? Position your show as a thought leader You already know it’s important to actively build and establish your niche …

Exhibitors – Calculating Your ROI

March 13, 2019

There is nothing more fulfilling -well, maybe some chocolate- than knowing how to do something yourself instead of relying on someone/something to do it for you. And luckily for you learning how to calculate trade show ROI is easy peasy. It’s one of the most empowering things you can learn, so let’s GEEK out on …