10 Simple Ways That Your Association Can Reduce Costs at Your Next Trade Show

February 26, 2016

Trade show costs can end up going through the roof if you’re not paying attention. Some associations will just take the hit, assuming that trade show costs are always going to be high and that they are, in the end, worth it. However, there are plenty of ways that an association can lower trade show …

The Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Floor Manager for Your Trade Show

February 19, 2016

Hiring an experienced floor manager for you next trade show is the best way to ensure that the expo runs smoothly and is well coordinated. Trade show floor managers are a valuable resource and asset that will make your vendors and exhibitors more successful overall which will draw bigger and bigger crowds over time. Coordination …

Should Your Expo Have an Event App?

February 12, 2016

With the prevalence of mobile devices today, the use of event apps to improve the experience of your attendees can be extremely beneficial. A well designed event app serves as both a scheduling tool, free advertising and a way for attendees to share their favorite parts of the show to social media. Scheduling, Planning and …