The Jacoby Expo Difference

Organizing a trade show is a demanding process, one you simply cannot do alone. You could hire a general service contractor or a trade show consultant to help you, but each would only be able to perform certain tasks, with others falling outside their area of expertise. You would probably have to hire both just to get the kind of assistance you need, and those bills can add up. But what if there were a one-stop solution? Here at Jacoby Expo we offer more than general service contractors and trade show consultants combined. We can assist you with planning like a general service contractor, helping you both pre and post-event with your specific logistical concerns. We can also work with you to find an ideal venue and exhibitors who will bring in traffic like a trade show consultant. However, we can offer you services that neither a consultant nor a contractor will, like operations management solutions, internal client administration and floor management. Offering you every service you could need for your trade show under one roof: that’s the Jacoby difference.

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Atlanta Shoe Market

Problems: As one of the largest Shoe Tradeshow in the world, Atlanta Show Market is an extremely important event to attend in the industry as it is the only Shoe Show that writes orders on the show floor. The exhibitor base ranges from large, corporate companies, to small mom and pops. The event is run …

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About Jacoby Expo

Navigating the world of general service contractors and show management can be tricky. At Jacoby Expo, we have the expertise you’ve been looking for when it comes to a partner. Jacoby Expo is different, and that’s great news for you.

We don’t work for a general service contractor, we work for our trade show managers ensuring their event runs smoothly.

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